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PhotomathDeveloped for helping the math student, Photomath is the smart calculator that you need to easily solve you math problem. This calculator is so smart that all you need to do to get the answer is point the camera of your phone towards the math problem and that’s it.

More than 30 million users are using this app. It’s an app one of its own kind. In this post, we will first discuss about the features of the app and then I will tell you how you can download and install the app on your iOS device.

Features of Photomath

Following are the most important features of Photomath:

  1. You can use your camera to automatically make the calculation.
  2. Supports handwriting reorganization.
  3. Not only the answer, it will provide you to complete step guide for finding the answers.
  4. It is a smart calculator that includes graphs for the answer whenever needed. 

The following mathematical topics are supported by Photomath: arithmetic, of equations, fraction, integer, absolute equations/inequalities, decimal numbers, algebraic expressions, exponential and logarithmic functions, roots, linear equations/inequalities, trigonometry, logarithms, , integrals and derivatives.

If you think that the awesome features and the wide amount of topic covered by Photomath can help you in doing your math equation quickly and seamlessly, then you should download the app now. The downloading procedure of the app for your iOS device is discussed below.

Download Photomath for iOS

Installing Photomath on your iOS device is like installing any other app on your iPhone. If you have never downloaded an app outside of the Apple Store, just follow the step guide below to successfully install the app on your iPhone.

  1. Download from iTunes (Supports iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch).
  2. Find where the downloaded file is and then tap on icon to proceed.
  3. Tap on ‘Install’ to move ahead with the installation procedure.
  4. Enter the password of your phone to proceed. You can also simply use the Touch ID to proceed with the installation procedure.

The app will be successfully installed on your device after you have completed the fourth step. Now all you need to do is launch the app by tapping on its icon and then simply point the camera towards the math problem. The app is updated regularly to include new features. Download the recent version from the link shared above and solve your mathematical questions easily.

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