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PhotomathPhotomath is an app designed for the Android device. The app comes very handy when you are trying to solve math problems. Downloaded by more than 10 million users, this app is surely download worthy.

When using this app, you don’t need to manually enter the entire equation. You have to just launch the app and then you need to point the camera of your smartphone towards the math problems and then within few moments, it will present you with the right answer. Isn’t that great? In this post we will be discussing both the features and the downloading procedure of the app on the device.

Features of Photomath

Following are the features of Photomath:

  1. Supports camera calculator.
  2. Can recognize handwriting.
  3. Step by step instructions are provided along with the answer.
  4. It is the new smart calculator.
  5. It includes graphs on its answer.

The following mathematical topics are supported by Photomath: arithmetic, fraction, integer, decimal numbers, algebraic expressions, roots, linear equations/inequalities, system of equations, absolute equations/inequalities, trigonometry, logarithms, exponential and logarithmic functions, integrals and derivatives.

After going through the features and the list of topics, if you think that Photomath can help you with your math homework, then proceed to the next section to know how you can download and install Photomath on your Android device.

Download Photomath APK for Android

For installing Photomath, you first have to download the APK file of it. The download link for the same is provided below in the guide. Now follow the steps given below to successfully install the app on your Android smartphone.

  1. Go to “Settings” and toggle on “Unknown Sources”.
  2. Download APK File (17.06 MB).
  3. Open the downloaded file
  4. Tap on “Install” to give the necessary permissions to the app.

After the fourth step the app will be successfully installed on your Android smartphone and then you can use it to solve all your mathematical queries. You will be guided about the usage of the app when you first open it after successfully installing it on your Android phone. Download the app today and let us know if it has worked for you.

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